Name: Anja Ringgren Lovén

Location: Denmark

Occupation: Anja is the founder of the African Children´s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF), and of the Center for Children "Land of Hope" in Nigeria

Fields of Expertise: Humanitarian assistance and social work, education and development matters

Anja Lovén learned from her mother about African children who were starving and in need of assistance. Inspired by her childhood experience Anja, in her early years, she became strongly fascinated about African children, admitting that her dream was to someday be able to help vulnerable children and to make a difference in Africa.

She decided to follow her dreams and later in life worked as an aid worker in Malawi and in Tanzania. Later on, aiming to support thousands of innocent children in Nigeria accused of witchcraft who had been tortured and beaten almost to death, Anja established her own NGO, called “DINNødhjælp”, in 2012.

Led by her belief that education is the strongest weapon against ignorance and poverty, and that it can give children a voice and hope for a brighter future, as well as possibilities to fight for their rights, Anja has been committed to work hard in order to ensure that all children in Akwa Ibom State, accused of being witches, have the opportunity to go to school.

In 2016 her NGO bought a large piece of land in Nigeria where, in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders of Denmark, it has built a new Center for Children, called "Land of Hope". In the future, "Land of Hope" will be open to all children in need, as well as the local community members of the Akwa Ibom State. It will provide clinic health services and ensure a safe environment for studies and different skills acquisition and building.