Name: Ana Koeshall

Location: Macedonia

Occupation: Director Ana and Vlade Foundation; 

Fields of Expertise: Philanthropy (Serbia)

Ana has been the Director of the Ana and Vlade Foundation, one of Serbia’s largest private foundations, since 2007. Over the last eight years, she has initiated numerous fundraising strategies and completed a range of campaigns, targeting both corporate and individual, and has nurtured and sustained the further development of the organisation. Ana has 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with organizations in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Her core competencies are in program management, human resources management, and fundraising at the corporate, high value individual and crowd-sourced levels.

The Ana and Vlade Foundation has focused its support primarily on refugees and internally displaced persons , the improvement of conditions for raising children and youth, the development of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.  Thanks to the support of 650,000 individuals, 670 companies and 82 organizations, the Foundation has raised 10 million US dollars to-date and secured assistance for 300,000 people.