For the 3rd Edition the Organization of the Estoril Conferences introduces the Estoril Local Answers Award, a 10.000€ (ten thousand euros) prize which will be granted to a project with proven results in finding local solutions to global challenges. We give the opportunity to Youth, Institutions and Communities at large to show that they have the power to make significant changes!

If you believe that the World changes through Action, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

The winner will receive a prize of 10.000€ and the opportunity to present their project during the next edition of the Estoril Conferences.



MDV – Movement for the Defense of Life (Institution of Social Solidarity, Portugal)

This project supports children at risk through intervention in families in crisis with the aim of avoiding the institutionalization of minors, seeking to offer alternatives and to help the families change behaviors which may lead to minors being removed.  It tries to reduce ties of dependency in relation to community services and develop skills in the most vulnerable population.

Since the beginning of the project, 728 families were referred to MDV, involving 1578 children. The project runs in three districts, Lisbon, Oporto and Setubal.


The International Jury 2013 said about the project:

"At a time when countless families are falling under the poverty line due to the crisis and galloping unemployment, it seems to be that children are hardest hit. In times like this all the fragilities which may have already been there, self-destructive behaviors, drug addiction, alcohol dependency are exacerbated and will grow. We must focus on them as the traumas left by moments such as these may leave scars that will remain forever and emerge in the future in the most unexpected ways. Making sure that the whole family is cared for and making every effort to keep the family unit whole and healthy is not  just a moral duty to help but also a social duty and to contribute to a project that focuses on families and children is literally – the right thing to do", Linda Pereira, CPL Events, Portugal

"MDV's mission touches upon a serious social challenge that impacts many families and children in Portugal. However, as many other social challenges, it is often overlooked or ignored. Supporting MDV's work is nothing more than just activating our individual responsibility as active members of society.", Cláudia Barrulas, Robeco Investment Management, The Netherlands



The Organization received applications from various countries, having made an evaluation of projects from different areas such as innovation & sustainability, economy, human security, sustainable development, green growth, globalization and domestic policies, among others, and by votes has determined the finalists :


The Startup Scholarship (Association, Portugal)

The Startup Scholarship is a 9-week summer program in Lisbon, Portugal, in collaboration with Kairos Society Portugal is a project that is finding answers to youth unemployment, allowing the selected applicants to experience an internship at a fast pace growing Startup in Lisbon. This is an entrepreneurship summer classes program with invited professors from top business and engineering Universities in Portugal and a full immersion in the entrepreneurship community in Lisbon, with networking sessions, events and exclusive access throughout the program period.

So far The Startup Scholarship have 10 of the best startups in Lisbon offering 20 internship offers through our program and we expect to reach  more than 20 companies for a total of 30-40 internship and future job opportunities; 3 of the best universities of Portugal offering courses through our platform (Nova School of Business and Economics, Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and IST – Instituto Superior Técnico); they received more than 500 applications from over 25 countries in 5 continents.

Atina – Ativos Naturais, Ltda. (Business, Brazil)

Atina's Business Plan was developed with the main objective to organize the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest production chain, giving it its real value as a forest sourced ingredient, and obtaining the socio-environment and organic third parties. Atina focused on the development of this extremely complex natural asset supply chain: Alpha-Bisabolol, obtained from the Candeia tree. Atina structured a forest and industrial operation certified by FSC, the international benchmark for forestry operations. Atina’s Natural Bisabolol was the first and continues to be the only forest asset extracted from a native wood from the Atlantic Rainforest that has been certified by the FSC.

By the Brazilian Forest Code, each rural property must preserve 20% of this total area as a forest reserve, that must be protected from clear-cutting, fire or other impacts. In the last 8 years of work with the candeia supply chain, Atina established productive relation with more than 120 land owners, achieving the regularization of more than 9.000 hectares, the preservation of more than 1.800 hectares as forest reserves, as a legal condition to conduct the sustainable management of about 730 hectares of candeia groves that compose our wood supply universe.

By opening a fruitful dialogue with government agencies and helping to establish a consistent legal framework, Atina shown the benefits of organic and sustainability certification.

APCOI – Portuguese Association against Children Obesity (Association, Portugal)

APCOI is an association which organizes initiatives to combat childhood obesity and other related diseases by motivating kids to eat more fruit and vegetables daily.

Children around the world in developed countries are reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables daily. In Portugal, only 2% (two) of Portuguese children up to 10 years eat fruit daily. Because these kinds of food have irreplaceable nutrients to our well-being, many diet-related health problems such as obesity are increasing. A school-based intervention designed for use in primary schools and kindergartens that encourages children to eat fruit and become proud to think of themselves as healthy eaters.

The result on the first year was an average increase of 26% compared to the daily consumption of fruit reported before the project intervention. APCOI has benefited 42.418 children since 2010, year in which it was founded.