The Estoril Conferences are bi-annual international events, strategically placed between Davos and Porto Alegre, which focus on the challenges of globalisation. The conferences aim at providing a substantial contribution to the international dialogue between nations and regions towards effective local solutions for our global challenges. The overall theme of the Estoril Conferences is “Global Challenges, Local Answers”.
Having always been affected by the confluence of many cultures, Portugal has a frontline tradition of bringing together peoples and regions in debates on ideas on modernity, ecumenism and universalism. In line with that tradition, the Estoril Conferences bring together some of the most prominent personalities, organisations, universities, research and development centres, thinks tanks and non-governmental organisations in the world.
The 3rd edition of the Estoril Conferences will take place between April 30th and May 3rd 2013, with several presentations and panels by global leaders and thinkers. Other events include a round Table with Overseas Ambassadors and the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs on “Portugal and Globalisation”, the Estoril Youth Summit, Glotalks (inspirational presentations by invited guests), bilateral meetings throughout the whole program, a Gala Award Ceremony and Dinner. More than 1500 participants are expected among academics, politicians and business executives. We will have the additional participation of 600 students national and international students.
In every edition, the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize of 70.000 Euros is awarded to the best book on Globalisation. This is the biggest award in the field of international studies. The prize honours books which have contributed to new and original thought and which set out clear and topical policy recommendations in this area. The international Jury looks for books that offer rigorous and well -defended conclusions and are written in a clear and accessible language aimed at a wider audiences. The winners to date were: Paul Collier & Muhammad Yunus, and Charles Beitz.
In this edition the Estoril Local Answers Award will be introduced, aiming at promoting local initiatives that provide effective answers to our global challenges. The award with a value of 10.000 Euros, which is given to a local project or initiative that demonstrates the power of local action in response to the challenges posed by globalisation.
The Estoril Conferences is embraced and supported by the highest political institutions in Portugal, including, the Patronage of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and the institutional support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year, the Estoril Conferences counts also with the support of the World Bank.
The Academic Partners also play a vital role in strengthening the message and impact of the Estoril Conferences. They take part in the preparation of the programme, further elaborating the themes, suggesting speakers, disseminating content internationally and the selection of the winners of the Estoril Conferences Awards. Our prestigious list of Academic Partners demonstrates the importance and international value impact and reach of the Estoril Conferences. Our partners include: Aarhus University, Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus University, Georgetown University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Catholic University of Portugal and the Getulio Vargas Foundation.




In the context of the Estoril Conferences a prize of 15.000 Euros is awarded every two years to the best book on globalization.


For the 3rd Edition the Organization of the Estoril Conferences introduces the Estoril Local Answers Award, a 10.000€ (ten thousand euros) prize which will be granted to a project with proven resul