CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar

Every year, as part of the CEMS MIM Curriculum, each partner school organises the so-called Global Citizenship Seminar, a two-day course that brings together representatives from corporate and/or social Partners, professors, and students, for an experiential learning experience focused on one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An opportunity for change

The Estoril Conferences 2022 edition focused on three distinct topics that directly link to the SDGs, addressed in the CEMS Global Citizenship (GC) Seminar, with the particular focus of engaging the “Purpose Generation” in addressing these global challenges collectively.

This initiative was a great opportunity for the students participating in the CEMS GC Seminar, who had the possibility to contribute with relevant content to nurture the Estoril Conferences’ discussions, but also for Estoril Conferences. By supporting the CEMS GC Seminar, we were able to draw from its discussions and insights, engaging directly with the young, purpose-driven generation in the dialogue about the most pressing global challenges of our time.

CEMS Schools that promoted the Global Citizenship Seminar

In partnership with Estoril Conferences

5th and 21st 2022

19th and 29th 2022


25th and 28st 2022


26th and 27th 2022


27th and 28th 2022


1st and 2nd 2022


18th and 20th 2022


14th and 21st 2022

4th and 11th 2022

Turning knowledge into action

The outcomes of the CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar outlined how the Purpose Generation can be engaged in the resolution of the SDGs.


Focused on creating positive change for the society and the planet.


An action plan was designed towards the achievement of the respective SDG.

Community Engagement

The outputs were shared with the world in a video format, hoping to create awareness and inspire everyone to get involved.

A shared win

The best ideas are found collectively. This is why students creating the action plan during the CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar were not competing against each other and ideas were not ranked. Instead, this initiative was about finding common ground, and sharing and developing ideas that students are passionate about, which simultaneously serve a greater good and help identify ways to initiate and drive the needed change.