Best of Estoril Conferences

The “Best of” initiative is a series of conversations and interviews with past speakers, recovering some of the most impactful interventions happened since 2009, connecting them to the current global situation, anticipating future concerns, and sharing a message of inspiration to the younger generations worldwide.

Our interviews

A series of 10 interviews with some of the speakers from previous editions of the Estoril Conferences.

Henrique Cymerman

International journalist and correspondent


HENRIQUE CYMERMAN is a world famous journalist of Portuguese and Spanish origin who works as a correspondent in the Middle East for SIC, La Vanguardia and Mediaset España, among others.

A lecturer who speaks 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Hebrew), covered current affairs in the Middle East for 30 years and has established relationships of trust with chief regional political leaders in Israel, Palestine, the Middle East and extended Arab world. Nominated “Comendador” in his native Portugal and Spain by the King and President, a nobility title, and Pope Francis nominated him his “Angel of Peace”, and candidate to Nobel Peace Prize for the Prayer for Peace” in the Vatican.

Author of “Voices from the center of the World” – (link to the book) in 6 languages with key personages: Yasser Arafat, last interview alive with Itzhak R


ERIK KIRSCHBAUM Is a foreign correspondent based in Germany and the executive director of the RIAS Berlin Commission, a German-Americanexchange program for broadcast journalists.

Currently, he writes for the Los Angeles Times, but his articles have also appeared in The New York Times, Huffington Post and South China Morning Post. Between 1989 and 2016, Erik Kirschbaum was also a correspondent for Reuters in Berlin, Bonn, Vienna and Frankfurt.Kirschbaum studied History and German at the University of Wisconsin, United States. He is the author of Soccer Without Borders, Rocking the Wall, and Burning Beethoven: The Eradication of German Culture in the United States during World War I.A renewable energy enthusiast, Erik Kirschbaum has also developed more than a dozen large photovoltaic power plants across Eastern Germany.

Erik Kirschbaum

Executive Director of The RIAS Berlin Commision

Benedetta Berti

Head of the Policy Planning Unit in the Office of the Secretary General at NATO.


BENEDETTA BERTI is Head of the Policy Planning Unit in the Office of the Secretary General at NATO.

Her work focuses on armed groups and internal wars, analyzing the impact of insecurity on civilians and studying how to build more peaceful and resilient communities.


JAMIE SUSSKIND, British writer and barrister, who was awarded with the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2019 during the 6th Edition of the Estoril Conferences in May 2019.

Author of “Future Politics” confronts one of the most important questions of our time: how will digital technology transform politics and society?

Jamie Susskind

British writer and barrister

Edit Schlaffer

Social Scientist and Founder of Women Without Borders


EDIT SCHLAFFER, a social scientist and trained psychoanalyst, founded Women without Borders in 2001.

She aims to build up the competence and confidence of women in order to effect positive social change in marginalized and neglected communities across the world.


Shirin Ebadi, J.D., was awarded the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to promote human rights, in particular, the rights of women, children, and political prisoners in Iran.

She is the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and only the fifth Muslim to receive a Nobel Prize in any field.Dr. Ebadi was one of the first female judges in Iran. She served as president of the city court of Tehran from 1975 to 1979 and was the first Iranian woman to achieve Chief Justice status. She, along with other women judges, was dismissed from that position after the Islamic Revolution in February 1979. She was made a clerk in the court she had once presided over, until she petitioned for early retirement. After obtaining her lawyer’s license in 1992, Dr. Ebadi set up private practice. As a lawyer, Dr. Ebadi has taken on many controversial cases defending political dissidents and as a result has been arrested numerous times.In addition to being an internationally recognizedadvocate of human rights, she has also established many non-governmental organizations in Iran, including the Million Signatures Campaign, a campaign demanding an end to legal discrimination against women in Iranian law. Dr. Ebadi is also a university professor and often students from outside Iran take part in her human rights training courses. She has published over 70 articles and 13 books dedicated to various aspects of human rights, some of which have been published by UNICEF. In 2004, she was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world.

Shirin Ebadi, J.D.

2003 Nobel Peace Prize

Jorge Quiroga

Former President of Bolivia


JORGE QUIROGA is a former president of Bolivia, where he started his political career as Minister of Finance.

He graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Texas A&M University and worked at IBM, while studying for his Master’s degree in Business Administration.