Rethinking our thinking for a sustainable future

Canada | Toronto, Ontario


September 1, 2022

At what time?

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EDT Time (Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00)


Ivey Donald K. Johnson Centre


The “Rethinking our Thinking for a Sustainable Future” event is a day full of collaboration and meaningful learning. Participants at this “sold out” in-person event will be challenged to rethink how they think about approaching complex challenges. The amazing array of multi-generational leaders attending Ivey’s Donald K. Johnson Center in Toronto includes undergraduate and graduate students, managers and directors, innovators, administrators, as well as executives from the C-suite. Participants represent a diversity of sectors and disciplines including agriculture, entrepreneurship, finance, government, manufacturing and academia to name but a few. What they all have in common, however, is the desire to learn more about innovative, disruptive, and collaborative ways to create a sustainable future.


Ivey’s event in Toronto is timed to coincide with the international Estoril Conferences in Portugal at which leaders from business, government NGOs, media, and think tanks will be gathering to take on the major global challenges facing us today. Ivey professor Tima Bansal is a featured speaker at the event being hosted at our CEMS partner school–Nova School of Business & Economics. Ivey’s Dean Sharon Hodgson and Associate Dean Lyn Purdy will also be engaged with other leaders and institutions who care deeply about the future–for the planet, for people and for peace.


8:30 am

Morning Theme: How do I think and work differently?

Activities include intro/welcome; airing recording of Tima Bansal’s Estoril presentation as part of the introduction and breakout room/small group discussions.

10:25 am

Portugal attendees live streamed into session

(Sharon Hodgson, Lyn Purdy, Tima Bansal, students…) Use this opportunity to share what they’re learning in Portugal and how it relates to the work they’re doing in Toronto

10:45 am

Report into Portugal led by Darren with Jury participating

Continuation of morning theme using active learning pedagogies (i.e. case, multi-media, art, etc.)

Darren Meister
Jury Gualandris

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm

How do I bring others along to make organizational change?

Activities include mini-cases given to the teams; breakout room/small group discussions; share back presentations to full group; debrief conversation and concluding remarks – tie back to Ivey Next strategy.


Darren Meister

Associate professor, Entrepreneurship and Associate Dean, Faculty Development, Ivey Business School


Jury Gualandris

Associate Professor, Operations Management & Sustainability and Director, Centre for Building Sustainable Value (BSV), Ivey Business School