The purpose generation.

Let us be the space where we ask the questions, open the debate and lead the way forward

Whatever the doubts, the challenges, or the opportunities, there is one thing we are sure of:


The time where we stop sitting on the back seat and start taking action.

2023 Edition


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Planet, People, Health, Peace and Policy

1-2 Sep 2023

Nova SBE, Carcavelos Campus - Cascais, Portugal

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The Main Theme

The Purpose Generation

Becoming the changemakers of tomorrow.​

In an always changing world, are the solutions we’re living with, still up to date with the issues that the world is facing nowadays? Do we understand the role we need to play? Or do we truly believe everything will be ok, just because? The time has come. Stop sitting in the back seat and start taking action! You are the future: take the wheel and lead the way. Come and become The Purpose Generation and change our future for better, for good, for all.

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Who is our main target

Engaging Youth in our Shared Future

The Estoril Conferences is the stage to the purpose generation and all changemakers who wants to impact the world and take action.

All who wants to ask the tough questions and open the debate. All who wants to move forward with a positive attitude and social conscience.

By engaging, exchanging, and growing together with all generations represents a great opportunity to drive change for a sustainable and inclusive common future.

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What are our goals

Inspire a New Community

Thanks to a very interactive experience, the Estoril Conferences is ready to reshape people’s future and call out the need for an immediate shift of direction.

The exciting program of the 2022 edition has allowed us to reflect upon the current situation of the world, to analyze its complexity, and consider feasible solutions that could be implemented to make the world a better place, and take the lead to act.

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Our home

The Estoril Conferences is now part of Nova School of Business & Economics.

Part of Nova University of Lisbon and with 40 years of consistent growth, Nova SBE is among the top worldwide rankings, with triple crown accreditations, and member of several top-level organizations of leading international business schools, internationally recognized for its high-quality standards.

A school for all who believes in a brighter and better future and committed to participating in the positive transformation of our world. A space where ideas and ideals can flourish safely, freely.

We believe we have a commitment to every single person who continues to wonder, discover, create. To all of those who keep trying to improve themselves and create meaningful impact. We believe we should support those who strive to be better: as people, professionals, leaders, and citizens.

Tomorrow as yesterday, we are a school with a role to play. A role we cannot avoid or delay.

As a disruptive European School of Business and Economics, we want to give stage to the purpose generation and all of those who want to change and impact the world. We want to build an intergenerational dialogue that contributes to solutions for the world’s most urgent challenges, towards a sustainable and inclusive common future.

We are committed to develop and train the leaders of tomorrow, curious minds and resilient souls, establishing a culture of meaningful impact and collective potential to keep growing.

We will activate a community of global citizens, passionate about taking action, to push the world forward.

Daniel Traça
Dean Nova SBE

About the Municipality of Cascais

Privileged located on the Atlantic Coast, Cascais has been on the spotlight as an exclusive tourist destination, but also for hosting several international conferences and events.

Historically, Cascais was the famous refuge for the European aristocracy and elite. From kings to diplomats, filmmakers and cinema artists, to writers, businessmen and bankers, they all arrived attracted by its safe environment (endured by Portugal’s neutrality in conflict), mild climate, clear waters, luxury hotels, and the Estoril Casino – where Ian Fleming’s was inspired to film the first James Bond novel «Casino Royale».

Times changed, yet the charm, glamour and essence still remain. Among the «2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100» and awarded in 2014 with the «Climate Star Award» and «Vistas – VISION Innovation for Sustainable Tourism Awards», Cascais has been focused on accomplishing diverse policies and initiatives for decarbonization and environment sustainability.

The Municipality of Cascais is proud to be the Co-Host of the Estoril Conferences.

Since 2009 Cascais has been the international stage for the past six successful editions. Several Nobel prize winners, Heads of State and high-level leaders have travel to Portugal, for an open and impactful dialogue on global challenges.

Nova School of Business and Economics is now the new host for the Estoril Conferences, aiming to engage with the younger generations to jointly find innovative and sustainable solutions for our common future.
A new home, the very same commitment with liberty, pluralism and humanism. That’s our DNA.

Be most welcome to Cascais.

Carlos Carreiras
Mayor of Cascais

With the support of the ones who want to inspire change

Organization & Host

Nova School of Business & Economics


Cascais Municipality



With the support of the ones who want to inspire change




What's new

Green Talks by oikos Lisbon

We are pleased to announce the successful organization of the “Green Talks” event on May 10th by the esteemed Student Club oikos Lisbon at Nova SBE.

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Our world

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1-2 sep 2023

Nova SBE – Carcavelos Campus – Cascais, Portugal

Organization & Host



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