We are the writers of our own history. Not just our own, as individuals, but that of all of us. Humanity. We define how our chapters are going to look like and we choose how we want to punctuate it. There are those who carry this work of art and there are those who sign it and give everything for it. Finding the balance between the “I” and the “We” sets the foundation for brighter lines ahead.

We don’t write all in the same way and it is good that we don’t. Being different is our greatest strength, and that’s where we make the difference. Understanding our singularities is the first step. The second step is just seeing how quickly, by working together, we get to the third.

Does being closer to our emotions make it easier to Re-humanize our world? How do we get out of our own box and find ways into others? How many listeners will we capture if we talk about what we feel? How can we move towards a world with equal opportunities for all? How do we build a work of art together?